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Bootsy Baby

Baby Rattles Crib Toy

Baby Rattles Crib Toy

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Looking for a way to soothe and entertain your baby? Look no further than the Baby Rattles crib toy! This musical mobile has four modes of soothing music, 150 soft lullabies, ten musical organs, ten baby songs, and five natural sounds in the box. You can also change the volume, so your child always hears the right sounds. Additionally, the projection and nightlight features create a calming atmosphere in any room. And best of all, the Baby Rattles crib toy is easy to install—it only locks onto a square bar. So bring some peace (and fun!) to your home with this must-have baby essential.

Standard benefits:

  • It soothes and amuses your infant.

  • Helps them with music and natural sounds.

  • Easy to install.

Emotional benefits:

  • Knowing that your child is comforted and amused provides peace of mind.

  • It helps create a soothing environment for your infant.

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