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Portable Formula Dispenser

Portable Formula Dispenser

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Do you have difficulty lugging around your baby's formula canister and measuring scoop every time you leave the house? Well, say goodbye to those days with the Portable Formula Dispenser! This handy formula dispenser has four separate compartments that can be stacked in any order, so you can easily measure and dispense the perfect formula for your little one. Plus, the independent chambers prevent any odor pollution from happening between them. This formula dispenser is also environmentally friendly and safe to put in the freezer; it is made from food-grade and BPA-free materials. So ditch those heavy canisters and scoop out the perfect formula for your baby on the go with the Portable Formula Dispenser!

Standard benefits:

  • No more lugging around heavy canisters.

  • Dispense the perfect amount of formula each time.

  • It's environmentally friendly and safe to freeze.

Emotional benefits:

  • Stop struggling with measuring cups and scoops.

  • The formula dispenser is easy to clean and comes in various colors.

  • Keep your baby's food cold and fresh all day!

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